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This is the space we have dedicated for our clients to talk  about the level of service and productivity they have received from Paragon BE!

If you are a current customer and would like to be added, let us know!  We will add your testimonial and a link to your business on our site.

We initially created an administrative department within our company we didn't realize everything that involved a regular copier. The expense to manage our own copier, including equipment, supplies, and  maintenance restriction on time and resources, made it ineffective and cost prohibitive. When we switched to Paragon BE, our costs went down, productivity increased, and the continual monitoring has made all the difference.

- Jerry A.
President , Star Foods

Their repair services can be summed up in five words: NO MORE INKED-STAINED HANDS. We are forever grateful!

- Jane J.
Clerk III, Precious Gifts & Cards Shop

When we first tried all the features of our copier, we were lost. We had deadlines and almost lost a large portion of our day battling a machine. Since hiring Paragon BE, Paco and Frank made sure we knew how to make the machine work for us...and not the other way around.  They excel in making filing, stapling, and collating into the easy terms they are instead of dread.

- Greg B.
Vice President, Global Market Business Venture LLC